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Fellowship with God is accomplished by offering Him our penitence, receiving His pardon, and inheriting His peace.

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Peter Orasuk Testimony

A drug addict and dope peddlar, who was rescued by God to become one of the most dynamic Gospel preachers of our time! Peter's poignant and soul-searching testimony lives on in audio of a Gospel meeting in Northern Ireland. More than 31,000 already have downloaded it from the website of an organization called SermonAudio. Here is theBy so much was Jesus made a surety of a better testament. Hebrews 7:22 Sermon Audio link!
...is to a lovely lady who continues to put up with me after 45 years of an interesting, exciting, and meaningful marriage. Happy anniversary, sweetheart; you are still my greatest thrill!

Choice Gleanings
Read today's devotional from the best-loved calendar, Choice Gleanings!
The Gluten-Free Corner
Check here for recent additions, as I build this resource for those of us Christians who need to avoid gluten.
Daily News that Christians can Trust
Edited by Jim MacIntosh
The International Scene Top Canadian Stories
Erdogan Drops Insult Lawsuits
ANKARA - Turkey's president has said he is withdrawing all lawsuits against people charged with insulting him. (More...)

Democrats Complaining of Hacks
PHILADELPHIA - Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has been hacked as part of cyber attacks against Democrats. (More...)

Priest's Second Killer Named
ROUYN - French prosecutors have identified the second man involved in the killing of a priest in a church. (More...)
Convicted Terrorists Freed
VANCOUVER - John Nuttall and Amanda Korody are free after a British Columbia Supreme Court judge entered a stay of proceedings, ruling that the two were entrapped by the RCMP. (More...)

Connection Killed Teen Couple
WHITEFISH LAKE - Two teenagers from Whitefish Lake First Nation in Alberta, a young couple in love, were shot to death by someone they were "connected to," RCMP say. (More...)

NS Court Rules for Trinity
HALIFAX - Nova Scotia's highest court has upheld a decision to allow future graduates of a conservative and controversial Christian law school to practise in the province. (More...)

Maranatha! Listen to
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18-->
by Dr. Charles E. Fuller
Christians in the News $Today's Business Highlights$
Passing Through Fire?
Are you feeling the heat of the flames of trials. Does it all seem too much to accept and endure? You are not alone! A Brother who is also feeling the heat of the fire has compiled some thoughts that will surely help. (Click here) to see if this Brother's thoughts can help you with your own!
Friday's Close
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New Grandson Arrived!!
A new photo of the grandparents with our newest grandson is added to the page with pictures of our grandkids; very pleased with the first MacIntosh boy in the family. Please check the pictures of our favourite seven.

Pray! Gospel Meetings

Please keep in mind for prayer the various series of Gospel meetings planned, underway, and recently ended!
Murray McCandless and David Hierlihy begin a series in a tent in Ashmore, Nova Scotia.
Brody Thibodeau and Gene Higgins continue a series in a tent in Sarnia, Ontario.

Pray on!

Sussex Gospel Hall

Please check out the Sussex Gospel Hall's official Web site, with information about the Assembly and our meetings and activities, downloads of messages, and more.
Please check us out at this link!

Leland Swan: The Bard of Millbrook!

Maybe you didn't know that Leland Swan is a poet! Yes he is, and we have proof.
Check out some of Leland's poems and other writings at this link!

The Glorious Gospel

Please check out Scott MacLeod's website, The Glorious Gospel, which has an excellent variety of material for saint and sinner alike, as well as links to all of the Prince Edward island assemblies and other valuable resources.

International Bible House

PBS offers free of charge specialized Bible study materials that can be downloaded and used as Sunday School Lessons, Bible Class Worksheets and Home Bible Study Notes. They also provide an ideal curriculum of those who are Home Schooling.

Your Assemblyline Editor
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Lies of the Versions
Lies are being told to convince us to read Bibles other than the King James Version. Read about these lies Here!

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The Gospel of Christ

The most wonderful, most necessary, yet most ignored message in the world. Select a Gospel message prepared by Eddie Wong from the following list:
Eddie's Main Gospel Page
Mark 1:15
John 3:16
John 8:12
John 14:6
Romans 5:8
Romans 6:23
2 Corinthians 6:2
Ephesians 2:8-9
1 Timothy 1:15
1 John 1:7

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The web outlet for Seaside Scripture Supplies, operated by Gordon and Sandra Swan
The web outlet for Seaside Scripture Supplies, operated by Gordon and Sandra Swan, your source of biblically-sound material with a selection of text and reference Bibles, Bible study helps and accessories, Christian books, Sunday School supplies, and other scripture-related products such as CDs, Bible cases, Christian calendars, etc.