Pray! Gospel Meetings
Please keep in mind for prayer the various series of Gospel meetings planned, underway, and recently ended!
Brody Thibodeau and Eric Fowler continue a series in St. Louis, Prince Edward Island.
Murray McCandless and a variety of local and visiting brethren are preaching the Gospel in a rented hall in Bath, New Brunswick.
John Meekin and David Hierlihy begin a series in a tent in Bridgewater, N.S.
Pray on!

Sussex Gospel Hall
Please check out the Sussex Gospel Hall's official Web site, with information about the Assembly and our meetings and activities, downloads of messages, and more.
Please check us out at this link!

Leland Swan: The Bard of Millbrook
Maybe you didn't know that Leland Swan is a poet! Yes he is, and we have proof.
Check out some of Leland's poems and other writings at this link!

The Glorious Gospel
Please check out Scott MacLeod's website, The Glorious Gospel, which has an excellent variety of material for saint and sinner alike, as well as links to all of the Prince Edward island assemblies and other valuable resources.

International Bible House
PBS offers free of charge specialized Bible study materials that can be downloaded and used as Sunday School Lessons, Bible Class Worksheets and Home Bible Study Notes. They also provide an ideal curriculum of those who are Home Schooling.

Annie Price - The Belle of Bonnie Park!
Here is a web page by one of Hampton's girls.
Check out Annie's page at this link!

Jonah Price - The Prince of Bonnie Park!
Here is a web page by one of Hampton's lads.
Check out Jonah's page at this link!