hello world!
My name is Jonah and I like Animals.

Jonah's writing

" Jonah is a good boy he like to play with people. He also likes to play with yu-gi-oh cards. She never wins but she does not care. I wake up at 5:oo in the morning on the weekend. On school days i wake up at 6:00. This is my story. all about puppies by jonah price. puppies are 14-18 cm long when they are born. they also have no hair when they are born. sometimes puppies are found in the woods. i will tell you a puppys name husky. that is my favorite. So,what is your favorite puppy. dogs can be hert when they are born. sometimes dogs get angry when you don't play with them.

Who is Jonah Price?

Jonah is a Hampton boy who loves animals of all kinds. He also likes eating candy.I also have really long hair. I like most kinds of food.

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