Trudeau Puzzled by NDP Position Change on Carbon Tax

VAUGHAN - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he sympathizes with NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh but no longer understands his party's position on climate change after Singh appeared this week to waver on his support for the consumer carbon tax.

"I feel for the NDP and for Jagmeet. This is a hard moment. There are political headwinds," Trudeau told reporters at a news conference in Vaughan, Ontario. "There's a lot of political pressure. I'm certainly feeling it, everyone should be feeling it, by folks out there who are worried about affordability, who are worried about climate change."

Singh told the Broadbent Institute's annual policy conference in Ottawa that his party will put forward a climate policy that won't divide Canadians and he accused Trudeau of using the climate crisis as a political wedge. After the speech, Singh told reporters he doesn't want the burden of fighting climate change to fall on working people - but he wouldn't say whether that means he wants to get rid of the consumer carbon tax.

In a statement issued to CBC News, Singh said the NDP has not changed its position on the consumer carbon price.

"What we have done is commit to building a climate plan to make big polluters pay, bring down costs for Canadians, meet our emissions targets and unify people in taking on the climate crisis. Despite being in power for nine years, the Liberal government has failed to do this," wrote Singh.

The prime minister suggests that Conservative arguments against the consumer carbon tax are "resonating with the NDP". "I don't entirely understand the position of the NDP in pulling back both from affordability measures and from the fight against climate change, but I can assure everyone that this government, my government, will continue to step up on the fight against climate change. We'll continue to put more money in families' pockets," Trudeau said, repeating the Liberal lie that Canadians are receiving more in rebates than they are paying out because of the carbon tax.

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