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My name is Jim MacIntosh, and I began this web page as a service to the Lord's people because of the growing concerns among many about the incredible and growing volume of filth on the Internet. For many of you, this is a safe haven where you can catch up on the top news stories of the day and do a bit of rummaging on the Internet in an environment that you can trust. If you find AssemblyLine useful, then my time is well spent!

I have been in Assembly fellowship for more than 50 years, going back to the early days of the little Assembly in Oxford, Nova Scotia, with stops in Fredericton and Saint John, before reaching our current home Assembly in Sussex, New Brunswick. Judy and I live in the town of Hampton, a lovely community in the Kennebecasis River valley east of the city of Saint John.

I have included daily news on the AssemblyLine page largely because of the 30 years I spent as a news reporter and editor, both in newspaper and radio, and I believe news to be an important element in most of our lives.

AssemblyLine is now commercially hosted, but for several years was hosted on a server provided by Shawn Price, our son-in-law, who, with our daughter Dorothy, is also in fellowship in the Sussex Assembly and lives - with five of our grandchildren: Robert MacIntosh Price, born Dec. 17, 2003, Hannah Carine Price, born April 10, 2005, Annie Jane Price, born November 8, 2006, Grace Marie Price, born August 24, 2008, and Jonah Thomas Price, born on March 9, 2010 - on the same street as us in Hampton. Other grandchildren - Kyllah Lisa Marie MacIntosh and her brother T-J MacIntosh - are less than half an hour away.
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