Hello World, my name is Mr. TJ! This is my very first web page. How do you like it?

Learning to format my webpage.

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About Me and Mine

I have two cute little kitties and one adorable little dog. My cats' names are Greycie and Bella. Greycie is skinny and Bella is fat. My dog's name is Pepper. I love food and I love animals and I think coding is lots of fun!

My favourite thing to do is to play video games. My favourite video game is Mario Kart for the Wii. My Papa is teaching me how to code!

I have the best mom in the world and I have the best dad in the world and the best sister in the world.

Our Lawn Tractor

Our lawn tractor can mow the grass and the flowers really well. Daddy uses the lawn tractor for mowing the grass. Daddy bumped into the maple tree with the lawn tractor and my mommy hollered at him. She thought he was going to cut down the tree.

My Birthday

My birthday is on August 2nd. The crazy thing about my eight birthday is that I was sneezing a lot. It was the funniest birthday I ever had.


My favourite is a penguin. They are cute and they eat fish like me. They are black and white, sometimes with yellow. The don't fly, but they swim underwater really well.

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This is underlined text. Farm Animals

My favourite subjects in school

  1. Computer
  2. English
  3. Word Building
  4. Science
  5. Social Studies
  6. French
  7. Art
  8. Geography
  9. Health
  10. Math

My Family